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Heavyweight Models
Heavyweight 72
4.98 40 Reviews
The cheapest 72" system on the market worth buying. Glass board, dunkable rim and durable 7ga steel post deliver solid performance
72" x 42" x 3/8" Tempered Glass
6" x 6" 7ga Wall Thickness
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$401.00 off
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Heavyweight 60
4.98 41 Reviews
2018's most popular driveway system with a 60" board close to regulation without looking too large in you 2-car driveway
60" x 36" x 3/8" Tempered Glass
6" x 6" 7ga Wall Thickness
Spring Discount
$351.00 off
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Heavyweight 54
4.95 19 Reviews
Heavyweight's legendary durability in a smaller form factor good for tight areas and tight budgets
54" x 36" x 3/8" Tempered Glass
5" x 5" 7ga Wall Thickness
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$301.00 off
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Ryan's Backboard Size Guide

From an aesthetic perspective you don’t want something that detracts from your house and looks out of place. From a basketball perspective, wider areas can benefit from wider boards allowing you to get bank shots in that you would not be possible with a narrower board.

Driveway Width Board
1 Car 54"
2-3 Car 60"
3 Car+ & Backyard Court 72"

If your players are competitive and want to practice at home you’ll want to consider a 72” backboard because it’s regulation in size. The wider boards allows more bank shots closer to what you’ll use in the gym.

Pro Dunk vs Heavyweight

Pro Dunk is not for everybody but it does have some features that could be a big benefit for your situation. Younger families that do or may have competitive players will find the most value in Pro Dunk.

Adjustable Lower Better suited for players under 10 years old
Easier Adjustment Allows children to adjust without an adult
Thicker Steel & Glass Delivers superior performance for competitive players
Industry Leading Corrosion Protection Wet climates will greatly benefit from Pro Dunk’s Rust Armor
Pro Dunk Details
No Hidden Costs
Free complete padding set Keep your players safe
Free shipping Contiguous United States
No Sales Tax Shipping to any state outside of Texas
Free Basketball Men’s regulation rubber driveway ball
Manufacturer Direct Pricing Don’t pay the retail middle man 30%
Best Family Investment In Years
"Called in and was instantly greeted by a knowledgeable salesman. He helped me find the perfect model and an installer. My dunking 13 year old loves the performance vs the neighbors' store brand hoop."
I would recommend Heavyweight to a friend
Joe Rosin
Charlotte, NC
Self or Professional Installation

Installation is a two part process. On the first day, you’ll dig a hole 20 inches square, 3 feet deep and fill it with concrete. The included pier kit consists of four bolts that will be sunk into the concrete. Averages a few hours to complete.

Once the concrete has cured (usually a few days), you will assemble the system onto your concrete footer. Averages a few hours to complete and requires 1-2 people except for the backboard mounting when you’ll want a few extra people.